The true scintillation of diamond, for women everywhere, who wish to radiate inner charm, whatever the

From Ginza, a Japan Brand of the highest quality, presented by the Uchihara Group, experts in diamonds since 1920

Brand Concept

<Universe> ― The SA BIRTH concept, embracing “the legacy of Nature, and divine beauty permeating the
power of life.” Jewelry expressing an approachable and intimate “canvas of nature”. SA BIRTH offers a
collection of dynamic conceptual jewelry that aligns with the sensibility of woman, while imparting a feeling
of restoration and inspiration.

The Very Best Diamonds
The sparkle arrests the
attention of the beholder

The source of the incomparable sparkle of SA BIRTH Ginza diamonds is the quality of the original stone itself. Stones of 0.17ct and above are high quality diamonds derived from the best rough stones found in southern Africa. There they are cut and polished, after which traceability certification is inscribed by laser into the diamond girdle. Stones of less than 0.17ct are obtained from the best sources, all over the world.


Situated in Ginza, a district renowned among people of high aesthetic sensitivity the world over, SA BIRTH Ginza is a jewelry brand dedicated to quality diamonds.

SA BIRTH Ginza jewelry is the outcome of innumerable hand-worked precision operations. Our creations represent the essence of painstaking high-art techniques applied by skilled artisans, coupled with the quality control in product manufacture for which Japan is renowned.
We offer the radiance of diamonds projecting the power of the earth, taken to a new level by the exceptional beauty and scintillation of our jewelry.

Brand Story

Presenting the true scintillation of diamond to women everywhere

Founded in 1920, Uchihara Group is a global, brand jewelry company. Over many years, we have selected countless high quality diamonds from all over the world. As diamond experts, our primary goal has always been to seek the finest of diamonds, and deliver them to our customers.

Establishment of SA BIRTH ― a diamond jewelry brand of the highest quality, emanating from

Seeking sources of high quality diamonds, we travelled the world to look over countries of origin and distribution centers. We became enchanted by the beauty of diamonds unearthed in southern Africa, the ‘home of diamonds’ (South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, etc.). The search was successful, as we secured stable supplies of high quality diamonds, outstanding especially for the “sparkle” brought out through cutting and polishing in local polishing plants. In 2006, this led to establishment of SA BIRTH, a diamond jewelry brand of the highest quality, emanating from Japan.

The creation of SA BIRTH Ginza, a line of jewelry intimately connected with lifestyle and discreet enough for everyday use

For more than ten years, the continually changing and indefinable “sparkle” seen in SA BIRTH jewelry has captured the hearts of jewelry connoisseurs with deep knowledge of diamonds acquired over many years. They have given powerful support to jewelry that is foremost in rank and quality. Wishing to bring this sparkle and quality to many more customers and indeed to women everywhere, we created a line of jewelry that can become an intimate part of lifestyle, and still be discreet enough for day-to-day use. Thus, a new jewelry brand ― SA BIRTH Ginza ― was born.


  • 4-6-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
  • Open 11:00 ― 19:30 (Sundays/Public Holidays 11:00 ― 19:00)
  • Access Tokyo Metro (Subway) to [Ginza Station], Exit A7.
  • From there, a one-minute walk
  • Tax exemption is available.